Poll: Just 18% of Americans say Biden should run for reelection in 2024 — a new low

It’s hard to imagine that President Biden is the Democrat nominee in 2024. I know politics is fickle and can rapidly change but doubling down on misguided policies is unhelpful for his political future. The economic news continues its downward spiral because endless spending and shortsighted energy policies are proven to only inflict more pain on the citizenry. It’s not even Biden so much as the horrific policies. Unfortunately, too many in Washington are unwilling to try anything different. Republicans and Democrats created the spending mess together. Fiscal responsibility was scoffed at for decades and still is by our so-called leaders.

LeBron James isn’t sure he’d return to U.S. if he were Brittney Griner

Because the other options are so much better? Everybody has a right to have an opinion but it’s noxious when individuals who have benefitted so much from markets and the American system continually run it down. Embarrassing thought process by James, really.

Inflation hig​her again, wreaking havoc on poor and middle class

How much talk have we heard for decades upon decades that more government in our lives and the economy will be good for the poor? Yet, inflation destroys the poor. What a disaster. At least end the war on energy, right? But ideologues are blinded by their agenda even if it comes at the expense of the poor.

‘Shut up b***h!’ Toddler swings at Minnesota cops executing a murder warrant in lawless St Paul where crime has soared since the killing of George Floyd

A story about a toddler shouting profanities and taking swings at police. Truly disturbing and a good look at the depths of cultural collapse. It truly is shocking. Some of the woketivists on social media even placed the blame on the police, supposedly for just existing.

A New York bodega worker is facing a murder charge after fatally stabbing a man who attacked him

Woke prosecutors aren’t out there to protect the public. This case makes it obvious. This is one of the more shameful miscarriages of justice I’ve ever read about.

Seven Kids, One as Young as 10, Hunt, Kill Elderly Philly Man, Locals Can’t Understand

The government loses credibility and its authority when it loses complete control of the streets like we are increasingly seeing in urban environments. The light sentences many criminals are receiving is a tough pill to swallow.