Below are some stories that caught my attention this week. The last two are probably the most interesting from a cultural perspective. One story has to do with the massive shift in journalism, in which many in the media now protect the power structure over the little guy (or the working class) to empowered mobs shouting down speech at law schools of all places.

All the times Joe Biden blamed someone else for rising gas prices

Washington Free Beacon put this video together. Even Biden doesn’t sound very convinced of his own words. I’m skeptical that using Ukraine as the scapegoat for gas prices is going to work politically, but you do have to try if it’s all you have. At any rate, the media seems to be committed to Biden’s narrative.

GOP Sen. Mitt Romney votes with Democrats to keep mask mandate for toddlers

This was a committee vote to block an amendment that would unmask toddlers in the federal Head Start program. Romney was the only Republican to continue to force masks on toddlers. Funnier are the folks still touting him for the presidency.

BLM activist named ‘Bostonian of the year’ whose nonprofit raised $1M is charged with squandering much of it on rent arrears, $1,200 hotel stay and meals at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and Shake Shack after being arrested at her $450,000 home

“From the Daily Mail: A BLM activist and her husband are accused of collecting approximately $33,426 in unemployment payments and using an unspecified amount of donation money to treat themselves to meals at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., vacations and trips to the nail salon.”

There’s a lot more corruption on top of that. In total, at least $185,000 was scammed from donors. for a host of goodies.

Batya Ungar-Sargon on the evolution of journalism from working-class trade to ranks of the elite. From Bill Maher 3/11/22.

There are some really good points in this clip by Batya Ungar Sargon. I had to Google her. Ungar-Sargon is an editor at Newsweek and author of “Bad News: How Woke Media Is Undermining Democracy.” It doesn’t fully explain all the reasons for our woke — left-wing media, but it explains a lot.

Hundreds of Yale law students disrupt bipartisan free speech event

The irony is gold. One would think law schools would be a place where free speech is protected, but no longer in this insane cancel culture. Yale seems to have a policy of supporting free speech but little to nothing is done to control the mob’s passions.