Many know that the State Board of Education did not approve American Leadership Academy (ALA) Monroe’s charter school application earlier this month. Sadly, the decision appeared to be strictly based on politics. This was disappointing for us at Charter One, the education management organization appointed by the board of directors for ALA Monroe. But, more importantly, over 1,000 families want this school in their community. This unfortunate outcome directly attacks families’ school choice in the community and beyond.  

Needless to say, we are deeply disheartened by this decision, especially after receiving approval twice through the Charter School Advisory Board. However, it doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise because there is a war on school choice and charter schools across the United States. Education policy is facing increasing scrutiny now more than ever. Drastic policy changes continue to run rampant, with a vehement focus on hindering the creation of new charter schools and limiting a parent’s right to choose.  

Despite this, Charter One will not stop. We will continue to work tirelessly to find avenues to deliver the schools parents want and deserve while supporting families with their right to choose. Charter One has a strong track record in our academic performance and compliance while also building sustainable school cultures that align with parents’ desire for a values-based curriculum in a moral and wholesome environment.  

Although charter school choice seems to be under siege, over the past few years, enrollment in charter schools has exponentially increased, as families flee government schools in search of something different. There is an impetus and movement for change, and although the authority of some in power may try to stop this, parents’ desire for more school choice will always rise above it. This is, after all, what our great nation was built upon.  

This desire is evident in our recent and rapid growth in North Carolina, which we will continue to pursue. Thousands of families across the state have chosen Charter One-managed schools for their child’s education; we take this responsibility seriously and thank those families and our many supporters.  

Rest assured that we will continue to support North Carolina families through new area schools in the future and the expansion of current and popular Charter One-managed schools. We will do this because it is what’s right for families, even if it doesn’t match the agenda of some politicians, because at our core is doing what’s right for the students and parents we serve. 

If as a society and those in power kept more focus on students’ education and family’s right to choose over individual agendas and bias, our school system and approach to education would look very different. At Charter One, we intend to achieve this, and we won’t stop until we do.

If you want to see more school choice, I encourage you to let your voice be heard. Connect with your local legislative representatives, and stand up for your family’s right to choose. Don’t let political opinions hinder your student’s education; Charter One will join you in fighting for what’s rightfully yours — the right to choose your child’s school.