Professor teaches class being white, Christian and heterosexual are signs of fascism

“This school year, a group of California high school students were supposed to receive top-notch instruction from college professors, but one of those professors reportedly decided to inject politics into their lesson plan.”

How politically convenient that these three attributes are the signs of fascism.

The sad thing is this stuff isn’t even shocking anymore.

Fewer than half of Americans can name all three branches of government

We’ve lost the collective ability to speak about America’s unique form of republican government. We can’t articulate what rights mean anymore or even the importance of civic virtue.

It’s disheartening and it all leads down to a path of statist tyranny.

Man embarrasses wife on first day by sending six-foot dolphin teddy to office

The man is a hero. This is a great story. A reminder to never take yourself too seriously.

Sixth-Graders Protect Their Fellow Students From a Creepy Teacher

None of the adults in charge of the school would listen so some courageous sixth graders took matters into their own hands to protect their fellow classmates, many of whom were female.

College Students Need Eco-Anxiety Counseling

The long march through the institutions is going swimmingly for the radical left.

We can laugh at this stuff all day but many of these folks who will be leading corporations and the government in the near future. Some of them already do.

‘It’s not secure Kamala, it’s WIDE OPEN!’ Illegal immigrants laugh at VP Harris’ claim that the border IS SECURED as they get dropped off outside her DC home in bus organized by Texas Governor Greg Abbott

It’s usually a good idea not to offer up a bald face lie in an interview.