Biden tries to tackle his gas price problem by announcing sale of 15 million barrels from Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Don’t fret, once the polls close President Biden will put our national security first again. Maybe? Hopefully?

Maybe President Biden should try getting a competent energy policy for some actual long term solutions instead of playing politics with our national security.

US housing market in ‘free fall’ as builder confidence suffers ‘disastrous’ drop: economist

Recession. Only the corporate media seems to have their heads in the sand at this point. And President Biden, I guess. He recently called the economy “strong as hell” while eating ice cream.

Alabama middle school teacher doubles as drag queen in free time, tells children ‘Everybody loves a big bone’

People are defending this stuff because they are so enslaved to ideology. It’s evil.

Drag for 2 year olds?

This is HotAir’s post on the drag event pitched to 2-year-olds at the NC Museum of Art.

You can read Theresa Opeka’s reporting at Carolina Journal here. According to the museum, the event has been cancelled.

Teens are pouring milk out in grocery stores in new trend to raise awareness about dairy production emissions

The very definition of privileged. Also, just plain bratty and obnoxious.

Aldi ‘considers selling edible INSECTS’ to help with cost of living crisis

Your environmental overlords have some great new menu options for you.

Stacey Abrams suggests having an abortion as solution to inflation: ‘Economic realities of having a child’

Behold, the nasty underbelly of the secular materialist worldview.

New Song Promises “No Voting No Vucking” Targeted To Young Black People, with The Fifth Column Hosts

Wow. This is the first I’ve seen of this and it is partnered with Michelle Obama’s voting initiative group. How insulting to black Americans by reducing them to stereotypes who are motivated by sexual urges.

L.A. Woman Brutally Raped by Man Who Was Released from Police Custody Hours Earlier

It’s basically too depressing to read.

Here’s another predictable quote concerning woke prosecutors turning a blind eye to violent crime:

The City of Angels has seen a massive wave of violent crime throughout 2022. Murders, alone, are up over 35 percent in two years. Compared to his predecessor, Gascón’s tenure has seen fewer charges filed for sexual assault, murder, and shootings.

Gascón is seen as one of a wave of liberal DAs across San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York City who have taken a soft stand on crime and violence.