‘The View’s’ Joy Behar unaware that black Americans own guns too

Why do so many white liberals treat black folk like pets or mascots? Not to mention the sheer stupidity of Behar’s comments.

Racism is alive and well but not always in the way the corporate media likes to explain it.

Seven new Hunter Biden scandals the nets refuse to report on

Remember when Jimmy Carter’s brother Billy Carter was supposedly a controversial screw up? Even after his death, Billy deserves an apology.

Armed man arrested near Brett Kavanaugh’s home charged with attempting to murder a US judge

Who knew fidelity to the Constitution and federalism was going to get so violent?

Biden’s approval ratings sink to new low

President Biden continues to believe that the economy is great and he needs to do a better job of getting that message out. He really believes it’s a messaging problem and not a policy problem. Surreal. That’s a bold strategy to ride into November. We’ll see if it pays off for him and his party.

Michigan Democrat brags about driving expensive electric car to DC, avoiding gas stations amid historic prices

It’s almost if sending out of touch and elitist lawmakers to Washington produces out of touch and elitist results.

Remember when the Democrat Party used to be about the working class? I know it’s been a while, but in my opinion, it’s a gigantic mistake to abandon that constituency.

Chilling video shows knockout punch that killed man, 61, in Brooklyn

We need to get tougher on crime in this country. Hopefully, we are seeing the end of the woke prosecutor movement that ends lives and leaves destruction and mayhem in its wake.

‘Had them kids losing it’: Drag queen flouts performance at California middle school

The drag queen goes by “Nicki Jizz.” But supposedly you’re a bigot if you don’t think this is okay.

Americans are more worried about crime than at any other time this century

It’s pretty hard to ask people to give up their guns in a rising crime environment, particularly when some in the government are advocating for leniency towards criminals.