Couple contaminate drought-stricken town’s water supply by dyeing waterfall blue for gender reveal

From the Independent:

The environment ministry in Brazil is investigating a couple that dyed a waterfall blue for their gender reveal party, likely contaminating the water supply of a nearby town. 

The couple faced backlash on the internet after they posted a video on Instagram of the moment a waterfall turned electric-blue to indicate that they were having a male baby, as guests cheered. They later deleted the video which also showed swans made of white balloons. A giant question mark symbol made of pink and blue balloons was also kept by the bank.

I know I’m going to offend somebody, and maybe it’s a generational thing, but gender reveals are goofy. Also, don’t kill or maim people, or unnecessarily pollute the environment. If you have to do it, just break the balloon or do the piñata. I don’t need shrapnel tearing through my house because you have to announce the sex of your baby in some crazed desire for a viral video.

Kamala Harris ripped for claiming government’s Hurricane Ian relief will prioritize ‘communities of color’

She should be ripped. What an embarrassment. Make equality under the law great again!

6 Women In Neon Green Leotards Attack 2 New York Subway Riders

I thought this was a weird story until I read it happened in the New York Subway system.

New York Mayor Eric Adams says “Kansas has no brand, but New York has a brand.”

I’m not one to brag on Kansas, so to speak, but it sure ain’t this right here, and that’s something to brag about.

Medical Groups Ask DOJ to Criminalize Speech and Dissent Against Transing the Kids

Somebody disagrees with me. Aaaaaaaah!!! Yes, let’s criminalize the Bill of Rights and the principles that make a free society great.

California will start handing out $1,050 stimulus payments to residents this week to combat inflation

Not the satirical Babylon Bee, but should be.

Man charged with smuggling pythons in his pants at US border

The charge carries the potential for a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a fine as high as $250,000, according to federal prosecutors.

I will just forego the “That’s what she said” jokes.

Activist dresses like drag performer as she demands answers from Ankeny School Board about May show

Be ungovernable. I hear that a lot now, but it makes a lot of sense in this instance.

Outcry as thousands of prisoners are set to be RELEASED from jail when Illinois becomes first state to introduce no cash bail in January: State attorneys desperately sue Gov Pritzker amid fears already spiraling crime will soar

Is Illinois looking at soaring crime in places like New York City, Philadelphia, and Portland and saying hold our beer?

A Cafe for Dogs Opens in San Francisco with a $75 Tasting Menu

You know inflation is getting bad when it costs $75.00 for a plate of dog food.