We live in boxes created for us by leftists. They control the news, education, law, politics, and they control the narratives from science. They increasingly have a near-monopoly on what and how we think.

Actual scientists do an excellent job of helping us understand our world. They research and produce solutions that protect the environment, cure diseases, and create new products. This is not to be confused with fake scientists, the leftist scientists, who create pseudo-scientific studies intended to drive a preferred public policy agenda. In so doing, they conduct the otherwise noble business of “science” with a subversive agenda.

The amoral box of leftist culture encourages, even mandates, that we extend an ear to the siren song of some imaginary utopia surrounding whatever topic they happen to be promoting. It would be better if they were simply morally rudderless, but their very nature is to steer the world towards the false promises of a perfectly harmonious universe, only to be dashed on the jagged, unforgiving rocks of truth and reality.

In pursuit of a safe harbor from the horrors of climate change, leftists demand we turn to “sustainable energy” and so-called sustainable energy alone. “Sustainable energy will save us” is a common refrain. Stop using your fossil fuels, buy an electric car, and turn to wind and solar.

In forcing this concept on the U.S., the Biden administration unnecessarily and foolishly cut off the fossil fuel sources that had made us energy self-sufficient under Trump. These destructive mandates were “Day 1” Biden initiatives.

The problem is that industrialized societies require much more energy than the so-called “sustainable” sources supply. Leftists are writing checks that wind and solar will never be able to cash. Make no doubt, this self-imposed energy dependency is figuring prominently in the ongoing political chess match for global dominance and power.

While Western civilization caps its oil wells, its enemies see the opening and are stepping up to cash in, economically and politically. With the resulting energy gap being filled by rogue states such as Russia, China, and Iran, who don’t subscribe to the climate change narrative, we’re walking into an energy-driven global cataclysm that is entirely preventable and completely unnecessary.

A secondary and more critical factor emerges in pursuing this seemingly nonsensical public policy. Natural gas, a fossil fuel, is the primary source of fertilizer for growing crops. Presently, word on the street, with fertilizer prices triple what they were last year this time, many North Carolina farmers are currently making planting decisions and choosing crops that are not as fertilizer dependent. Other farmers are choosing to sit the year out, and still; others are taking it as a sign to just call it quits.

Extrapolating this conversation nationally means there will be significant instability in commodities markets at harvest time, at minimum, and potential deficiencies in the national food supply. Crops are not something you can just produce at the press of a button or create by just starting up a machine. If you miss this growing season, you will have to do without until next year.

And who will high prices and a food shortage affect? Like high gas prices, high food prices negatively impact children, the poor, and people on fixed incomes. The very people leftists say they care about most.

World history teaches us that leftists seized countries and plunged them into communism using false science as one of their tools of deception. And this all fits neatly into the climate change and global warming narratives. In the leftist mind, one of the cures for climate change we hear about is the global shift to sustainable energy. However, the less talked about but more effective solution to the problem of climate change is depopulation. Within the history of communism is the use of famine as a weapon of mass destruction.

Whenever we see a grand plan of evil design unfolding, the question of intent and motives always presents itself. Is all this being done simply out of ignorance, or could this be intentional? Whatever the intent, we must break out of this climate change-global warming leftist box. The consequences of letting it run its course are unsustainable.

Nelson Paul is a real estate agent, former NC Coastal regulator, inventor, husband, and father of four, and a grandfather of seven.