AOC predicts she won’t be president — because Americans ‘hate women’

Being a victim must be exhausting but it makes for some funny statements. For the record, I’m a big fan of women.

Research assistant for California Teachers Association was paid to ‘dig for dirt’ on parents’ groups who opposed COVID shutdowns across the state, newly released emails show

As many say now, “fund students, not systems.”

Have you ever seen the German film “The Lives of Others?” If not, watch it. A great reminder of what happens when the government has too much power and turns against its people.

Irish Teacher Imprisoned for Continuing to Teach after Refusing to Use ‘Gender-Neutral’ Pronouns

In some places today, even the conscience must submit to the state.

Dutch city becomes world’s first to ban meat adverts in public

I assume one will be allowed to advertise eating bugs that is so hip now with the celebrities and other climate alarmists.

Kathy Griffin starts Twitter war threatening ‘Civil War’ if Republicans win

Griffin is the celebrity who held up a picture of Donald Trump’s severed head. She believes partisan politics is more important than everything else in life.

Of course, I suppose she’s implying Republicans will start a civil war if elected, but the wording could be construed either way, particularly since she’s crazy. If that’s the case, I think she gives the GOP way too much organizational credit. Republicans can’t even restore any semblance of fiscal sanity to Washington even when they do have power. At any rate, ideologues do make the best clowns.

‘Truth still matters, and David has overcome Goliath’: Family-run bakery hails $36.5 million settlement that Oberlin FINALLY paid – after woke college defamed the small business with false racism claims

Some good news to cleanse the palate.