What I know about sports of any kind would fill a thimble with ample room left for your finger. But I have been around football long enough (every male in my family played at some level) to know what the two-minute warning is. For those who may be head-scratching, the two-minute warning is a signal that the game is nearing its completion. It tells the combatants that this is the pis aller, as the French say, a time where whatever one planned to do to win the contest must be done at once because time is running out. 

The German word, like many German nouns, is a foot and half long, torschlusspanik. It’s the idea that you may well have waited too late to do anything and now you’re going to be left on the shelf, done for, finished, the end. 

It feels like that under the Biden administration, doesn’t it? Biden’s only discernible strategy has been to do the opposite of what former President Trump accomplished, and he has executed that goal extremely well. Our time is running out to save the country from his machinations and save the Judeo-Christian framework that has made this country so successful. Under Biden, when you think things could not get any worse, they do. And his ability to infect everything around him is, well, impressive, if it weren’t so lamentable. Here’s  the low down of Biden’s rundown. See if you think we may be too late to act. 

Illegal Immigration: With Title 42 now past the two-minute warning, we’ll have millions rushing across the border for a chance at whatever mischief they wish to inflict. No, it’s not that every immigrant is up to mischief. But along with those of more benign intent, Biden is undoubtedly also allowing entry to fentanyl dealers, sex traffickers, gang members, and foreign nationals from hostile nations. The Carolina Journal’s Donna King documented a lot of the chaos in her recent trip to the border. Under Biden’s presidency, immigrants now occupy about 15% of the U.S. population, and the US saw about 200,000 illegal crossing a month so far this year. No matter how you slice it, illegal immigration is choking the U.S. by degrees. 

Homelessness: Hand-in-glove with illegal immigration is the vast homelessness that has overtaken major cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, DC, and New York, to name only a few. In North Carolina, you see the same in Asheville, Chapel Hill, and other once-picturesque towns. You can tell how bad it has gotten when so many liberals are now complaining. Homelessness threatens cities with destruction of a different sort, but destruction all the same.  

Energy dependence: Biden’s first act was to kill the Keystone Pipeline and then go begging countries for oil. After raiding U.S. oil reserves to artificially keep prices low, gas has skyrocketed about the country anyway. Thanks to Biden, North Carolina’s gas prices have largely remained over $3 a gallon. In many other places in the country, gas is at $5 a gallon or more. With gas this expensive everywhere, it remains unaffordable for those who have the fewest resources to manage it. 

The idiotic Green Deal: Biden wants 50% of all new cars electric by 2030, a mere seven years from now. This without any real infrastructure while killing any U.S. oil production (see above). The Biden administration is unaware that the elimination of fossil fuels will make electric cars obsolete as soon as they fall [sic] off the assembly line.  In addition to killing fossil fuels, lithium, cobalt, and nickel as well as other mining minerals have also been added to the verboten list. Perhaps Kamala is thinking of exceedingly long extension cords? 

Death of diplomacy: Generally speaking, the left is all a twitter about diplomacy. Yet under the Biden administration, diplomacy has tanked. Our relations with China and Russia have never been worse, and our contact with North Korea anything but friendly. Our allies are even wary of  us, as well they should be, leaving us as isolated as if Biden had resurrected isolationism as our only diplomatic tool. Since Biden’s rule of thumb is to do the opposite of Trump, this is well within the ambit of his goals.

Culture Wars: If culture wars are still raging, conservatives may  as well concede that Biden has won them all. Drag Queen story hours are standard fare at public libraries along with books encouraging transgenderism among adolescents, all courtesy of the American Library Association and its self-proclaimed lesbian Marxist president. And North Carolina’s libraries are following lock-step with the ALA agenda. What would never have been possible only a decade ago is now standard prurient fare for children. The liberal weltanschauung of anything goes (but not Judeo-Christian culture) is apparent in libraries, colleges and universities, medical schools, schools of theology, churches, synagogues, government and elsewhere.

Right to death: At one end of life, Democrats are trying to make it easier to die whenever you wish, while at the other end, they are unyielding for the right to execute the unborn. Bear in mind that the Biden administration worried more about pro-life rallies than it did about the safety of Supreme Court justices. Consider the most compromising abortion bill in the country, the one just passed in North Carolina that the Biden administration calls “dangerous.” It provides for numerous exceptions (rape, incest, life-limiting anomaly), childcare, medical care, and adoption care. Funding allocations are ample for all of these programs and yet when it came before the North Carolina governor (Comrade Cooper), he vetoed it at a Raleigh rally amid three score of deliriously happy supporters eager to see abortion-on-demand upheld. Thankfully, the Republican supermajority (which Cooper disparaged in his veto rally) overrode his veto, and abortions will be restricted after 12 weeks. 

I could go on but I think readers can see the bleak picture. The question before conservatives is whether we can, over the next two years, slow down this runaway train enough before the foundations of our country are permanently wrecked.   

Now is not the time for conservatives to rest. Things are indeed falling apart, and the center may not hold much longer. Anarchy is loosed upon the world, but now is the time for conservatives to stay the still point of our turning world with the hope of a better future.