Below are a few stories that caught my attention this week. A few of them made me chuckle and some are just plain sad.

German suicide factory says it will only help you kill yourself if you’re vaxxed

You can also submit a negative COVID-19 test to be served…but still. This might be the strongest reason I’ve seen to not get vaccinated.

Joy Behar: it’s time to ‘tweak’ 1st And 2nd Amendments because Founding Fathers didn’t have AR-15s And Twitter

The left seems to have no understanding of inherent rights or the brilliance of the founding fathers. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, that’s no comedy act.

Pete Buttigieg: families buying electric cars “never have to worry about gas prices again”

Stop sending the out of touch to Washington. Like many Americans, I can’t even afford an electric vehicle.

Waukesha Christmas parade attack suspect Darrell Brooks whines about being ‘demonized’ in jail

Since the media has been blaming the SUV, I can see why he feels this way. In all seriousness, it’s quite disturbing that he’s viewing himself as the victim after his actions that killed six Americans.

Georgia criminal justice professor arrested for felony shoplifting from Target

Allegedly this went on for seven months. Well, at least he can’t say he doesn’t know the law. He has a law degree and a doctorate in political science.