The Lord blessed me with the greatest wife a man could have and two wonderful sons. My oldest graduated from high school this year, and we are thrilled he will move across town to attend NC State. He watched the debate with me and saw the same train wreck of a president I did. He will vote for the first time later this year.

Like many Americans, I question whether Biden is capable of being president today. The Democrat elected officials in Congress, governors’ mansions, and state houses who are now filling the airwaves claiming that “Biden had a bad night” because he had a “cold” are doing themselves, Biden, and the nation a great disservice.

If it is your position that, because Biden won’t quit and it’s too difficult to replace him, voters should still vote for Biden, even if he’s senile, because he is not Donald Trump, then say so.  Come on, Gov. Cooper, call a press conference and say exactly that. I think it’s craven and dangerous, but at least it is honest.

But for heaven’s sake, don’t insult my intelligence and that of my son by telling me it is even possible that President Biden can lead this nation for another 1,661 days, until Jan 20, 2029.  It is not just unlikely. It is impossible.

My son will have graduated from NC State and earned his degree before January 2029, and he has not taken the first class. No matter what interview he gives or teleprompter scripted speech, there is no way Biden can do this for another 4 1/2 years.

NC State will play five full football seasons and 60 regular season games before the next presidential term ends. America will see around 16-17 million new births. America can also expect 13 million people to die, but we are supposed to believe that one of those 13 million won’t be Joe Biden.

According to the Social Security Administration “Cohort Life Expectancy” table, a male born in 1942 (Biden’s birth year) had a life expectancy at birth of 71.1 years. Biden is already 10 years older than that.

These people are willing to look straight at you and lie. They are lying about the condition of the commander in chief.

This is the biggest media scandal in my lifetime. It is worse than the Russia collusion hoax and the Hunter Biden laptop news suppression, although those had terrible effects on our society.

Clearly, the White House and the White House Press Corps downplayed President Biden’s condition. Even today, the press is far more worried about the election than the country’s future governance. This country needs a reckoning. What did the press know, and when did they know it? What editors changed stories? What news outlets made the decision to protect Biden?

No person can believe that the Biden folks lying to you now about his conditions and abilities will tell you the truth about it after he is elected. The ultimate threat to democracy is America being run by a spouse, son, or staffer who the country did not elect. That is my biggest fear. They will protect him at all costs.

Folks, this is what the “defeat Trump at all costs” game plan gets you: a secretive White House, a lying press, and delusional Biden family. They hate Trump so much they have done everything they can to elect him. But now that the truth cannot be hidden anymore, they are jumping ship to save themselves.

We have Democrats leaking like the Titanic stories of Biden losing his marbles. Staff are knifing him in the back. And yes, a few loyal hardliners are still covering for him. But everyone is starting to act in their own interest because this has not only become a Democratic Party debacle but a national disgrace for the ages.

No, Joe Biden is not going to govern for another 1661 days. He may not for another 60 days. However, for decades, Democrats will look back on how they fantastically tried to gaslight the country and it blew up in their face.