Canada’s Euthanasia Polices Under Scrutiny As Reports Surface Of Euthanizing A Man For “Hearing Loss”

“Free” healthcare can have its drawbacks.

California goes haywire! Electric car owners are told NOT to charge their vehicles because of heatwave – just days after announcing 2035 ban on gas cars 

No need for the last man or woman out of California to turn off the lights. It looks like there won’t be any at all.

Biden blasted for mocking ‘brave’ Second Amendment defenders: ‘You need an F-15’ to fight America, not a gun

What does this even mean? If you don’t fall in line you are going to get a laser guided missile shot through your family home?

A woke bail fund paid for the release of a domestic abuse suspect – only for him to murder the terrified woman he’s accused of abusing hours later.

This is a really sad story. A woman was brutally murdered by her domestic abusing ex when a woke group ponied up bail. Despite protection orders and a monitoring bracelet, which he ripped off, the murderer violently attacked and killed the mother of his six children.

Unfortunately, there are similar stories like this all over the country.

British policing has ‘lost its way’ as public fears officers are too ‘woke’, report finds

I just don’t see how anybody could believe this kind of nonsense.