• To Fool & Swindle the Taxpayers

    If there is any better example of the worst excesses of the political debate than the months-long assault against the NCAR, it’s just not coming to me.

  • A Rule Without A Good Reason

    Will someone give me one good reason why Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in Elkin should have to get state permission before it can expand its emergency room?

  • NCRC Seeks Millions in Public Funds

    RALEIGH — A healthy serving of taxpayer funds will help a planned nutritional research mega-facility, part of a mixed-use development backed by developer and Dole CEO David Murdock. Thanks to the passage in November 2004 of Amendment One to the N.C. Constitution, which provides for local governments to implement so-called tax increment financing without a public vote, a majority of local officials and Murdock are looking for almost $200 million in public assistance.

  • No Good Budgetary Choice

    For advocates of fiscal restraint, being forced to choose between the House and Senate budgets is like asking for a DVD player and getting offered two different VCR brands.

  • JLF: Instruction Trumps Square Footage

    RALEIGH — North Carolina can avoid large, expensive school buildings while working to improve student performance, according to a report recently released by the John Locke Foundation.

  • Legislature Faces Fiscal Reckoning

    RALEIGH — Cash or credit? That’s one of the most important choices North Carolina lawmakers could make this year. It’s a choice that could affect future state budgets, the state’s credit rating, even the 2008 governor’s race.

  • Critics Ally To Fight Wake Bond

    RALEIGH — A diverse group of young parents, senior citizens, education mavericks, and think tank analysts in Wake County have found themselves allied by a singular frustration: a public school system that they believe has abused their trust and mismanaged their money. The group dubbed itself Wake County Citizens for Quality Education, and has set its sights on defeating the county’s $970 million school bond referendum Nov. 7.

  • Weekly Report 2006-09-29

    For the week of September 29, 2006 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week RALEIGH – Sanford should get out of the golf-course business and focus on providing essential city services. That’s the key recommendation in…

  • Year of the Charge Card

    Depending on economic factors and the results of the 2006 elections, 2007 could turn out to be the Year of the Charge Card in North Carolina government.