• Weekly Report 2006-09-01

    For the week of September 01, 2006 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week Air in the Research Triangle has been almost completely free from harmful impacts of ozone this summer. That’s according to a new analysis of…

  • It’s Not Easy Being Green, Schools Find

    GREENSBORO — “Green” schools appear to be a growing trend in public education nationally and in North Carolina. But school systems are quickly finding out that green schools cost quite a bit of green money.

  • New Laws Affect Local Governments

    RALEIGH — Several bills enacted into law in 2005 broadened the power of localities in North Carolina, including the powers to enact zoning ordinances and promote tourism, and the way localities may invest their money.

  • A Stubbornly Sticky State Mistake

    A syndrome that afflicts many public officials, trying to ameliorate problems caused by government with yet more government, is evident in the regulation of North Carolina health facilities.

  • Talk About A Restraint of Trade

    A new study examines the ways that state government, not the big bad oil industry, interferes with markets in ways that damage the interests of consumers in North Carolina.

  • Mecklenburg Faces Nov. Bond Vote

    CHARLOTTE — Voters in Mecklenburg County will decide in November whether to spend $554 million for school bonds and other assorted projects. Despite hard questions posed by Republican county commissioners — and two members of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education — the bond issue will be on the ballot in the fall election.

  • Millions of Reasons to Snort

    The next time you hear lawmakers say, “we’ve done all we can do to trim the budget, so the only question is how to raise additional revenue,” you now have the following reasons to snort.