Hal Young is a professional engineer and principal of Smith & Young Purveyors, a global sourcing and import firm based in Raleigh. Hal is a contributing editor for Carolina Journal and his articles have appeared in The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty, Conservative Citizen, Family North Carolina, and Homeschooling Today, as well as organizational publications in the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand. He has been a featured speaker and expert panelist for major homeschooling conferences, leadership seminars, and state government events, and appeared as an advocate of family-centered education The CBS Evening News, USA Radio Network, World Net Daily, and State Government Radio.

A former Air Force officer, Hal holds a bachelors degree in electrical engineering from Clemson University with graduate study in counseling and theology through Liberty University. He is originally from Camden, S.C., and now lives in Smithfield where he and his wife Melanie have homeschooled their seven children from the beginning.