Since 2001, Lindalyn Kakadelis has worked with the John Locke Foundation. She currently is the Director of Education Outreach for the organization. Before this assignment she served as the Director of the North Carolina Education Alliance, a resource network providing North Carolinians with comprehensive data on topics affecting K-12 education.

Before coming to the Alliance, Mrs. Kakadelis served as the Director of Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) of Charlotte for more than two years. CSF, a privately funded charity providing tuition assistance to lower-income students, gives disadvantaged families the freedom to choose the best school for their child.

Mrs. Kakadelis also served two terms on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Board of Education (CMS). First elected in 1995, she worked on the Legislative and Curriculum Committees and chaired the Policy Committee. One of Mrs. Kakadelis’ key achievements as a CMS board member was her involvement in the implementation of an urban public school choice plan benefiting more than 100,000 students. Mrs. Kakadelis has also served as a founding board member of Queen’s Grant Charter School in Charlotte.

Mrs. Kakadelis began her career in education as an elementary school teacher, later becoming a preschool director, PTA member, and PTA legislative chairperson when she had children. Above all, her career has been governed by a commitment to empowering families through educational freedom and competition. Mrs. Kakadelis’ work is based on the belief that all children − poor or privileged − deserve an opportunity to attend the public, private, or religious school best suited to their needs. In addition, she believes that competition between schools − through choice and other market-based reforms − results in a better education for students.

Mrs. Kakadelis is a frequent guest on talk radio programs throughout North Carolina, and often speaks at public policy forums and gatherings. Mrs. Kakadelis currently serves as a Commission Member of the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program. If she can assist you or your organization by speaking or writing on education and public policy issues, please contact her by phone at 704.231.9767, or by e-mail at [email protected]