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  • PARODY: McCrory and Roberts Offered ‘Naked and Afraid’ Appearance

    Seeking to capitalize on the national debate over bathroom protocol for transgendered people, producers of the hit Discovery Channel survival series “Naked and Afraid” have offered Gov. Pat McCrory and Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts an episode of their own. “This would be a very special episode,” said a show staffer…

  • Voter ID Ruling Vindicates Reforms

    U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Schroeder’s decision upholding the sensible election reforms enacted in 2013 may have sent liberal activists into hysterics, but more reasonable North Carolinians should applaud the care Schroeder employed in reviewing and sustaining the law. The judge’s 485-page opinion meticulously details the facts surrounding these contentious…

  • Health Freedom Despite Obamacare

    The following editorial appeared in the April 2016 print edition of Carolina Journal: As Dan Way reported recently at, any celebrations for the sixth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, were muted. With health care spending growing at its fastest rate since 2007, Obamacare has made…

  • Reforms Are Producing Results

    A new report from the Tax Foundation shows how lower, simpler taxes have improved North Carolina's standing among other states and helped families and business owners in the state.

  • A BRAC for UNC?

    UNC President-elect Margaret Spellings could take a lesson from Washington by proposing the creation of a diverse panel that would consider consolidating redundant programs at the massive UNC system.

  • Making Spending Visible and Trackable

    A new Web portal will make it easier for citizens, researchers, and policymakers to see how much each unit of North Carolina government is spending, and on what.

  • Release the Records, Gov. McCrory

    No public official has the power to decide how the public's business is reported, nor whether it will comply with requests for public information.