Archives: Dr. Karen Y. Palasek

  • Sec. of Education Clarifies Obama Jobs Plan to JLF

    Rick Henderson on job numbers in President Obama's plan; George Leef on bigtime sports on N.C. campuses; Barry Boardman on state budget surplus during recent months; Karen Palasek on Morris Fellowship; Daren Bakst on dueling rulings over Obamacare.

  • Join The Choir

    New insights challenge traditional ways of thinking about leadership.

  • Let’s Make a Deal

    For a growing number of cities and municipalities, when fiscal times get tough, the tough go…to the market. Take recently cited examples from Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Nassau County NY, and Pittsburgh PA. All are looking for new angles to increase local revenues. They are looking for cash…

  • Instability, Regulatory Style

    The debate today, from clearer heads,suggests that the American economy may just now be catching up with some of Keynes' most radical prescriptions. Congress continues to establish new restrictions on the decisions of private resource owners. The real fundamentals of our economy are at stake.

  • How’s my driving?

    The impression that your business makes on people who are not your direct clients may have more to do with your failure or success than you think. Researchers claim that consumers repeat negative stories about their contact with a business or organization eleven times more often than they repeat positive…

  • The Tenth Commandment: “Get your own cow”

    "We think we can dabble in freedom — allow a few of its liberties and leave our favorite constraints in place. We think we can screw around with the free market — skip its costs and get all of its benefits anyway." So writes P.J. O'Rourke in "Eat the Rich,"…