Archives: Dr. Roy Cordato

  • North Carolina has Stake in Bush Plan

    Dr. Roy Cordato, vice president for research and resident scholar at the Raleigh-based John Locke Foundation reviewed several items of the Bush package that would likely confer disproportionately large benefits on North Carolina’s economy, which has been uncharacteristically trailing the nation in the pace and scope of its economic recovery.

  • No. 637: Jesus Wouldn’t Use Junk Science

    The Christian left and the environmentalist left have teamed up. The Evangelical Environmental Network is planning an ad campaign in selected states, including North Carolina, based on the theme, “What Would Jesus Drive?” EEN argues that “transportation is a moral issue,” which apparently means that Christians should use transportation options…

  • No. 636: Living-Wage Laws Hurt the Poor

    In recent years it has been fashionable for local governments to implement “living wage” laws. The laws mandate “super” minimum wages for local government employees and the employees of private contractors dealing with the government. The idea is that everyone should be paid a wage that guarantees a certain standard…

  • Study Finds No Ozone-Asthma Link

    There is no link between ground-level ozone, or “smog,” and asthma among children, according to a new study by Dr. Roy Cordato of the John Locke Foundation. He cautions policymakers and the news media to “check the facts” before coming to conclusions about scientific issues.

  • Senate Campaign Tax-Raising Dispute Illuminated

    Dr. Roy Cordato of the John Locke Foundation explains the truth after observing an interesting irony in an Oct. 2 article in the Raleigh News and Observer, in which U.S. Senate candidates Elizabeth Dole and Erskine Bowles accuse each other of supporting the largest tax increase in history.

  • True Colors Revealed on ‘Smokestacks’

    John Locke Foundation resident scholar Dr. Roy Cordato illuminates the lack of rationality behind Rep. Martin Nesbitt’s recent comments about the state’s proposed “Clean Smokestacks” legislation.