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  • Supreme Court Rules, So What’s Next For Obamacare?

    Katherine Restrepo on Obamacare Supreme Court ruling; legislators on measurability assessments for state programs; Grassroots NC ad campaign features pro-2nd Amendment moms; Jay Schalin on independent academic centers; Rick Henderson on redistricting push…

  • What NC’s Unemployment Rate Does and Doesn’t Mean

    John Hood on unemployment stats; Terry Stoops, Jerry Tillman and June Atkinson on Common Core; Jay Schalin on scant reform scrutiny for higher ed; Gene Chianelli on N.C.'s historic tax reform; Roy Cordato on protecting freedom with local policies…

  • Public Higher Ed Survives Budget Ordeal With Little Change

    RALEIGH — The wild swings in North Carolina’s higher education budget may have come to a halt. Last year, the University of North Carolina system absorbed roughly $400 million in cuts — a few years before that, higher ed was getting annual increases of 5 percent and more.

  • New Board Begins Licensure of Proprietary Schools

    RALEIGH — When the community college system controlled the licensing process, a conflict existed. The community colleges compete directly with proprietary schools — many of which focus on training in a specialized field or trade — for students.

  • N.C. Pension Fund Liability Stunner

    Rick Henderson on N.C.'s pension fund liability; Peter Boettkeon on better decisions via economic principles; Phil Berger reacts to jobs criticism from legislative Democrats; Catherine Moga Bryant, Scott Ralls & Jay Schalin on community college mergers.

  • Really? 5,000 Jobs With ‘High-Speed’ Rail Project?

    Rick Henderson on high-speed rail project's job creation claims; N.C. senators debate future of State Health Plan; Tim Moore on provisions of Laura's Law; Joe Henchman on value of Tax Freedom Day; Jay Schalin on workload of UNC professors.

  • Hard to Reproduce Game Plan of RTP Founders

    RALEIGH — Unlike Silicon Valley and Boston’s Route 128, the Research Triangle developed as the result of a fairly explicit partnership among government, academia, and private industry. It also relied on outside firms relocating in the area.

  • Real Health Care Reform Can Start Right Here in N.C.

    Joe Coletti on state-level health care reforms; Darrell Allison on Race to the Top grant; Brenda Rivera on no-cost ways to help domestic violence victims; Jane Shaw & Jay Schalin on higher education economics; and Troy Kickler on 10-2 constitutional workshop.