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  • Call for Disclosing 501 Donors Runs Afoul of IRS Regulations

    CHARLOTTE — At its core, there’s a tension between tax code compliance and public disclosure. Organizations created as nonprofits must comply with the Internal Revenue Code as interpreted by the IRS. And the IRS is concerned primarily with tax liability, not public disclosure of revenue sources.

  • Davidson, Mooresville Taxpayers Face Bailout of Municipal Broadband Service

    DAVIDSON — Residents of Davidson and Mooresville have been staggered in recent days by news that the $92.5 million cable TV and broadband system the towns own jointly will require an additional $6.4 million subsidy from taxpayers next year. The need for additional funding follows a recent $576,000 cash call…

  • We Are No Model, Mr. President

    CHARLOTTE -- President Barack Obama comes to Charlotte Friday to talk up America's flagging economic recovery. If local boosters are correct, the president will hold up Charlotte as a model for rest of the nation to emulate. If only that were true.

  • Meck County Officials Still Not Talking About DSS Criminal Probe

    CHARLOTTE — One week after Mecklenburg County Commission Chair Jennifer Roberts acknowledged publicly an ongoing criminal investigation of the county’s $200 million Department of Social Services, county officials refused to identify the government agency conducting the investigation. County commissioners reportedly were advised of a federal probe while in closed session…

  • Jim Black’s Property Settlement in Corruption Case May Not Add Up

    CHARLOTTE — Imprisoned former North Carolina House Speaker Jim Black used undeveloped land with a tax value of less than $150,000 to pay off an outstanding $500,000 state fine linked to his conviction on corruption charges, according to Mecklenburg County property records.

  • UNCC Resources Push Charlotte Transit

    CHARLOTTE — State employees and resources were used to prepare a report written to the specifications of opponents of the repeal of the half-cent transit tax levied in Mecklenburg County, emails to and from UNCC Chancellor Phil Dubois show.

  • The Portland Smart-Growth Implosion

    Don't look now but the Portland experiment with strict land use controls is having the desired effect of driving up the cost of living and pricing out families. How soon before Charlotte follows?…

  • Jim Black Should Resign

    The speaker has again managed to show his disdain for an open political process by giving access to lottery deliberations to the friends of insiders.

  • Historical Omissions

    The county's Historic Landmarks Commission has not given up on buying an Uptown property even though it wildly overestimated its value. It is an old, costly habit for the group.