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  • Lay welcome mat for new houses

    North Carolina began the decade with too many consumers chasing too few housing units. Despite recent construction, we aren’t adding enough housing stock.

  • Merit pay boosts student success

    Most non-educators believe teacher pay ought to vary according to demonstrable performance. Most public-school teachers dislike this idea.

  • To do good or do better

    History is full of examples of governments generating both benefits and costs for their citizens that no one intended – or even could have intended.

  • Fewer students major in humanities

    Too many professors prefer to teach courses based on their own narrow, often idiosyncratic research interests rather than teaching about the great ideas, institutions, people, and works of art that students actually want to study.

  • We need more and better policing

    From 1950 to 1975, American governments spent about $3 on police for every $1 on prisons. By the early 21st century, the ratio has fallen to $1.5 on police for every $1 on prisons.

  • Right and Left disagree on personal agency

    One survey asked if racial differences in economic outcomes were “mainly” the result of discrimination. Yes, said 62% of extreme liberals. No, said 67% of extreme conservatives.

  • We all want better schools

    Education encompasses more than vocational training. It introduces learners to great swaths of human experience. It broadens perspective. It provides historical context. It builds character. It fires the imagination.

  • What to do when they’re wrong

    After hundreds of studies, it’s safe to say that most diversity training either produces no long-term benefits or actively damages workplace relationships.