Archives: John Hood

  • Racial preferences are ending soon

    Most North Carolinians continue to support affirmative action when it is precisely defined as expanding access to the applicant pool for jobs, contracts, and admissions.

  • Cawthorn’s handlers got it wrong

    A broad swath of voters from the center-left to the center-right view Congress as a circus of ponderous pachyderms, braying jackasses, and clueless clowns.

  • Our technology made us resilient

    Without tech-enabled working from home, our gross domestic product would have fallen about twice as much during the first few months of the pandemic.

  • On making a column count

    I got inspired while trashing one of my newspaper columns. There’s nothing new about that, or so my critics have long insisted.

  • The People never spoke on statues

    Populists tend to say things like “the People have spoken” even though they are actually in the minority and “the People” have done no such thing.

  • Don’t buy myth about voter turnout

    Too many have bought into the widespread assumption that lower turnout tends to benefit Republicans. This constitutes little more than political folklore.

  • We need more school boards

    Friction between parents and school boards has illustrated yet another argument for creating more districts: it may ensure a better alignment of values.

  • Public conflicted on housing markets

    If a private developer brings new inventory to market that requires buyers voluntarily to restrict what structures can be placed on their property later on, so be it.