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  • Christmas gains aren’t a loss

    Attacking gift-giving is a good example of people knowing just enough about economics to get them into the woods but far from enough to lead them out again.

  • Carolina leader sides with Christmas

    Josephus Daniels made many decisions during his public life — some praiseworthy, some profoundly misguided. Leaving Christmas alone was among his better ones.

  • Transit will waste tax dollars

    No matter how many billions of tax dollars we spend on buses and trains, we can’t expect the share of our commutes carried by transit to rise into the double-digits anytime soon.

  • FLASHBACK: Tax cuts are not self-financing

    Editor’s note: This Daily Journal by John Locke Foundation Chairman John Hood originally ran here May 30, 2017. We are running it again in response to a story,”What happened when North Carolina cut taxes like the GOP plans to for the country,” published Sunday in The Washington Post. North Carolina Republicans…

  • States always compete for leaders

    In every economic system that has ever existed, there are always some human beings whose decisions have a larger effect than the decisions of other individuals.

  • Revenue trend doesn’t merit panic

    While General Fund revenues to date are a bit below projection, they are still higher than General Fund spending, meaning that the state budget has a net cash surplus so far this fiscal year of $350 million.

  • Parents count when judging schools

    Studies of charter-school performance conducted years ago aren’t as informative as recent studies, which reflect a more mature sector with consistent high-performers that have replicated themselves.