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  • Democrats threw away their shot

    Democrats never had a clue, I think, how poorly they handled the protests over the summer and fall that, all too frequently, devolved into destructive riots.

  • Elections are a soap opera

    Elections are not like movies with clear endings. They are soap operas. That shocking, cliffhanger ending on Friday? Exciting, yes. But the story continues on Monday.

  • Campaigns are priming, not persuading

    Democrats want these voters heading into the polls thinking about COVID-19 and health care. The GOP would rather see them thinking about economic recovery and public safety.

  • Democrats may fall just short

    From the mountains to the coast, you’ll find legislative candidates fighting out it for the votes — and the attention spans — of North Carolinians who have a lot of other things on their minds.

  • North Carolina leads in jobs lost

    We should all take reasonable precautions, absolutely. But keeping schools, public venues, and large swaths of our economy closed or severely constrained indefinitely strikes me as the opposite of reasonable.

  • Sparks fly in state treasurer debate

    Public employees understandably care a great deal about who is managing their retirement savings and health plan, but all North Carolinians have a stake in the outcome.

  • COVID shapes debate on worker safety

    Candidates for North Carolina’s labor commissioner were civil and substantive during a recent debate, reflecting both campaigns’ recognition that voters are exhausted by smashmouth politics.