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  • JLF experts analyze Cunningham scandal, VP debate

    John Locke Foundation Vice President Donna Martinez and Chairman John Hood discuss key developments in the 2020 election. Martinez and Hood offered these comments during the Oct. 9, 2020, edition of “NC SPIN.”…

  • Take a walk on the sunny side

    For the vast majority of people you know — indeed, for the vast majority of people on our planet — their ancestors never had it so good. On the whole, we are healthier, wealthier, happier, and freer than ever before.

  • Candidates clash on reopening schools

    Whether to reopen North Carolina’s public schools is the central issue in the campaign for state superintendent, thanks to COVID-19 and the concerns it raises about safety.

  • Metro areas suffer big job losses

    Even as customers return to businesses elsewhere in North Carolina, too few are returning to downtown stores and restaurants. Many of those businesses will never recover.

  • District closings boost homeschooling

    North Carolina is already the homeschooling capital of the United States. Now the attraction of this education option is soaring higher than ever — thanks not to the actions of its proponents but to the antics of its opponents. According to data compiled by the organization, about…