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  • Still room to improve on regs

    Economic growth isn’t driven primarily by existing companies getting a little more productive. It’s driven by innovators with new, sometimes disruptive, ideas.

  • Fred Barnes taught me a lesson

    The work of Fred Barnes should teach an indispensable lesson: opinion journalism isn’t primarily about the opinions. It’s about the journalism.

  • Enforce rules to ease labor shortage

    North Carolina is among the states already taking steps to tighten the rules and shut off payments to workers who refuse to accept job offers. It’s good news that the Biden administration won’t stand in the way.

  • Race theory is dangerous nonsense

    I’d pay little attention to critical race theorists if they confined their nonsense to scarcely read journals and sparsely attended classes. In a free society, we all have an equal right to be very, very wrong.

  • There is no teacher-pay gap

    Among non-STEM graduates, education majors earn about as much as other degree-holders. Yes, education major make less than STEM graduates — but so do most other non-STEM graduates.

  • Conspiracy theories damage democracy

    Over-the-top claims about electoral conspiracies are mostly political theater, not serious analysis about the (usually modest) effects of policy changes on voting behavior.

  • Resist the temptation to coerce

    Freedom requires us to be grown-ups, to settle for living in a society in which some people just aren’t going to do what we say or believe what we believe.

  • Tax policy shapes migration flows

    Dozens of peer-reviewed academic studies have confirmed a relationship between migration and either overall tax burdens or certain tax rates.