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  • Look for the Union Label

    Reporters often label a "conservative" or "libertarian" think tank as such, but hardly ever mention when an organization is left-wing or union-associated.

  • Does Easley Favor More Taxes?

    At a recent speech in Greensboro, the governor seemed to suggest giving localities the ability to raise sales taxes by $400 million starting in July — imposing yet more of a burden on a state economy already in serious trouble.

  • More on Economic Diversity

    New research provides empirical support for an earlier column about North Carolina’s dangerous reliance on a few key industries. The state ranks low (8th out of 11 Southern states) in the diversity of its industrial base.

  • Not Serious on Budget

    n his press conference yesterday, Gov. Easley foolishly ruled out shrinking the government workforce as one way of closing a growing budget gap — even as New York Gov. George Pataki announced plans for thousands of job cuts in the coming year.

  • Diversifying NC’s Portfolio

    A major factor explaining why North Carolina’s economy has been so hard hit by the recent recession is a lack of diversity in our manufacturing base. While other states have fostered broad entrepreneurial growth, NC has bet on a few industries.

  • Patriot Games

    It doesn't get any better than this — in the year that terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon, a team called the Patriots has won the Superbowl.

  • Marc Basnight, Dying Breed?

    North Carolina’s urban areas are growing faster than the rest of the state, leading some to predict that cities will gain political clout in statewide elections and the General Assembly — and more representation in legislative leadership.

  • Why Incumbents Are Smiling

    A new analysis of North Carolina’s new legislative districts shows why so many incumbents on both sides are smiling. Their seats will get much safer in the 2002 elections and beyond, while only 20 of 120 seats are now seen as “swing districts.”…