Archives: John Hood

  • Why Pakistan Needs Kashmir

    Kashmir is a part of Pakistan's national origin and at a basic level, the Pakistanis will not abandon this cause.

  • Bush v. Gore, Once More

    Snowbound and need a little reading material? Check out a new, comprehensive account of the election process and legal issues raised by the Florida election controversy of 2000.

  • The Independent, Weakly

    Carolina Journal publisher John Hood takes the left-wing Independent Weekly newspaper of Durham to task for running a gross opinion column equating the war of Afghanistan with rape.

  • All Washed Up, Figuratively

    Will North Carolina radicals who signed an anti-war diatribe from a communist-front group apologize for their embarrassing predictions about Afghanistan? Don’t hold your breath, says John Hood.

  • A World Not at Peace

    We are at the beginning of a long, and possibly dangerous, campaign against Islamic extremism and fascism, says John Hood.

  • N&O Buys Easley’s Blarney

    Normally astute political columnist Rob Christensen of the Raleigh News and Observer is taken in by Gov. Easley's spin on a flop of a gubernatorial term so far, reports John Hood.

  • John Edwards’ First Test

    Will John Edwards throw in with Bill Clinton's pro-free-trade New Democrats or just become a Democrat throwback, asks John Hood.

  • Alone Against the Evil

    Like heroes in Lord of the Rings, America could find herself with fewer allies in war against dark forces of Islamic terrorism warns John Hood.