Archives: John Hood

  • Tax policy shapes migration flows

    Dozens of peer-reviewed academic studies have confirmed a relationship between migration and either overall tax burdens or certain tax rates.

  • Too many workers are sidelined

    Paying people to stay home from work may make sense as a temporary expedient in the midst of an outbreak of communicable disease. But it’s not the right policy now.

  • Bigger government isn’t the answer

    People differ in their preferences, circumstances, and definitions of a life well lived. The best way to gauge how happy or satisfied they feel is to ask them.

  • Corporate tax should be priority

    Congress and the Biden administration seems determined to hike the federal government’s corporate-income tax. Let’s offset some of the inevitable economic damage in our own state.

  • Political fantasies can be costly

    Politicians who assert the magic of multiplier effects to justify their pet programs may be dissembling. But it is my experience that most of the time, they don’t know enough about the matter to be lying.

  • State has too much debt already

    Even at low interest rates, borrowing is costlier than paying cash. And the governor proposes to put his $4.6 billion debt spree on the ballot in an off-year, low-turnout election.

  • Let’s head off labor shortages

    Not enough young people are graduating from high school, receiving good postsecondary education or training, and then developing valuable skills through on-the-job experience.