Archives: John Hood

  • Liquor business should be private

    I have little confidence the ABC system will manage its operations much more efficiently in the future than it has in the past. It’s a monopoly. That’s how a monopoly works — or, more to the point, fails to work.

  • COVID stimulus bill is reckless

    President Biden’s $1.9 “stimulus” is a reckless and irresponsible bill — one that, we are pleased to report, most of North Carolina’s congressional delegation voted against.

  • Polls underestimate GOP support

    Among voters with graduate degrees, 60% of Republicans express the concern that disclosing their political views may harm them at work. Only 25% of Democrats express the same concern.

  • Three school initiatives show promise

    The good news is that North Carolina institutions aren’t just producing good ideas about how to improve school leadership. They’re on the ground implementing them.

  • Levers help charities meet needs

    Doing good is about more than seeking good. It’s about creating structures and programs that align individual incentives with sustainable results.

  • Reduce health cost, not just price

    In North Carolina, we make it far too difficult for new providers to enter the marketplace. We squash competition and innovation. As a result, we make health-care costs unnecessarily high.

  • Higher costs won’t help economy

    The great surges in living standards enjoyed during most of our country’s history came not from making things more expensive but by making them less expensive.

  • Picking winners is for losers

    States with lower overall tax rates tend to make less use of targeted incentives. Those states also happen to grow faster than the desperate high-tax states throwing huge incentive grants around.

  • I thought blacklisting was bad

    Even perfectly legal private decisions to cancel people for their political opinions will, over time, weaken the culture of free expression. We need that culture.

  • Sales-tax hike is unneeded

    Gov. Cooper’s commission proposes raising the sales tax and using half the proceeds to reduce the gas tax. The net tax hike would come to as much as $6.3 billion over the next 10 years.