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  • Left is damaging public education

    The roles that slavery, segregation, prejudice, and other injustices have played in our history have been embedded in North Carolina’s curriculum for decades.

  • Nonprofits must go the distance

    At the same time that COVID-19 has worsened our mental health, however, it has also accustomed many more North Carolinians to innovations such as telehealth, teleconferencing, and remote work that can help.

  • Build on North Carolina’s strengths

    Some of the barriers that keep North Carolinians from pursuing their dreams and realizing their potential cannot be removed or surmounted by government action alone.

  • States can limit regulatory damage

    In addition to arguing against unwise Biden administration policies, North Carolina leaders should use the state tools they have at their disposal to promote entrepreneurship and job creation.

  • Federal bailout will punish our state

    In the aftermath of the Great Recession, we learned it was both unfair and dangerous to let bankers take big risks backed by promises of bailouts. That same lesson applies to state and local politicians.

  • COVID immunity is too far off

    North Carolina’s vaccination pace is low by national standards. As of January 18, our state had administered only 33% of doses received — the second-lowest rate in the U.S.

  • Protect the right to be wrong

    Although you may care and worry about me as a person, it does you no harm if I have a wrong idea, do a foolish thing, or hire an incompetent doctor. You can even learn from my mistakes.

  • Trashed Capitol should revolt us all

    We must tell all activists, including those whose goals we may share, that no matter how much they may be frustrated by electoral or legislative outcomes, they have no right to take the law into their own hands.