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  • Let candidates control their message

    In a free society, government can’t just tell people to shut up. Nor can government divide private organizations into categories, allowing some but not others to spend money on politics.

  • Will you take the vaccine?

    If we want some semblance of normalcy to return to our economy, our communities, our households, and our personal freedoms, we cannot afford merely to assume vaccination rates will be high.

  • Voters say no to discrimination

    When employers, governments, schools, and other institutions use race or ethnicity to decide who will be hired or served, that is discrimination. Depending on context, it is either flatly illegal or at least fraught with peril.

  • When shorthand gets it wrong

    About 41% of voters in union households picked Trump this year. They went 40% for Mitt Romney and George W. Bush, and 39% for John McCain. Reagan won 44% in 1980 and 46% in 1984.

  • Our state has gotten freer

    Maximizing freedom is a core conservative goal. Over the past 10 years of largely conservative governance in North Carolina, we have made significant progress toward that goal.

  • Let’s disagree more constructively

    What most voters mean by “bringing the country together” is that we ought to stop reflexively and viciously questioning the motives, integrity, or intelligence of those with whom we disagree.