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  • Good news on the state budget

    Gov. Cooper repeatedly vetoed pay raises for teachers, betting that Democrats could transform the resulting public frustration into legislative gains. It was a bad bet.

  • Parity extends down the ballot

    The number of Republican-controlled county commissions jumped from 56 to 61 this year. However, slightly more than half North Carolinians now live in counties with Democratic boards.

  • Time for Cooper to deal

    North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has just been re-elected. It’s an outcome his two immediate predecessors, Democrat Bev Perdue and Republican Pat McCrory, were unable to accomplish. A sweet as that victory must taste to the governor and his team, his ability to convert the ballots North Carolinians cast in…

  • Eight factors shaped N.C. elections

    Crucially, Republican-leaning groups started canvassing for votes door-to-door during the summer, while Democratic-leaning groups shied away from this time-tested tactic until the final weeks.

  • Democrats threw away their shot

    Democrats never had a clue, I think, how poorly they handled the protests over the summer and fall that, all too frequently, devolved into destructive riots.

  • Elections are a soap opera

    Elections are not like movies with clear endings. They are soap operas. That shocking, cliffhanger ending on Friday? Exciting, yes. But the story continues on Monday.

  • Campaigns are priming, not persuading

    Democrats want these voters heading into the polls thinking about COVID-19 and health care. The GOP would rather see them thinking about economic recovery and public safety.