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  • Progressives Spin Data On Education Funding

    Terry Stoops on political spin surrounding education spending; Supreme Court candidates offer their views; lawmakers hear legal arguments related to unemployment appeals process; John Staddon refutes common beliefs about smoking restrictions; Rick Henderson on N.C. congressional races…

  • New Era Of Energy Exploration Begins In N.C.

    Becki Gray on oil exploration via fracking; Terry Stoops reacts to legislative comments about dropping Common Core; legislators discuss protecting the electric grid; John Staddon on pros & cons of British health care model; Roy Cordato on e-cigarette tax…

  • CJ Investigation: Tax Fraud Scheme Underway In NC?

    Rick Henderson on potential tax fraud in N.C.; legislators debate pros & cons of death tax; Thom Goolsby on consequences for violating open meeting/public records laws; John Staddon on science & religion; JLF's Jon Sanders on renewable energy mandate…

  • Treasure Islands Revealing But Naïve

    Treasure Islands is an investigation of the many ways that criminals and multinationals contrive to evade taxes by setting up “special purpose vehicles” and other kinds of shell entities in lenient tax jurisdictions... The book exemplifies views of bien pensants Europeans. Taxes are good and government is always beneficent.

  • Should N.C. Compensate Victims of its Eugenics Program?

    Daren Bakst, Elaine Riddick, Melissa Hyatt & Australia Clay on state's eugenics program; Tom Apodaca & Martin Nesbitt debate role of oversight boards; John Staddon on financial market failure; Jenna Ashley Robinson on value of a college degree.