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  • Journalism and the bottom line

    Some parents in Naples, Fla., are upset that their kids in journalism classes are being graded in part on how many ads they sell for the school newspaper.

  • So, it

    The lead story in the Sunday, May 27, print version of The News & Observer wasn't written by an N&O reporter or the Associated Press, nor any other supposedly impartial wire service. It was written by a left-liberal organization.

  • Standards allow Edwards’ bloggers a pass

    The standards of journalism and of civilized society don’t allow general circulation newspapers or broadcast media outlets to convey the level of obscenity, malevolence and bigotry.

  • MSM needs closure on cloture

    If there was any doubt that the mainstream media is in the tank for Democrats, the coverage of the recent cloture vote on the various non-binding Iraq resolutions in the Senate certainly erased it.

  • Bad Journalism and Forgiveness

    As I've written before, Ruth Sheehan, the gender columnist for The News & Observer, was one of the worst offenders in the bad-journalism sweepstakes that occurred last March when news of the Duke lacrosse rape allegations became public.

  • Boston Globe urges Romney to racial profile

    The Boston Globe needs a better city editor. How else does one explain sending a reporter all the way to Guatemala to report on the illegal aliens who once worked for a company that maintained Gov. Mitt Romney’s lawn?…

  • An Annoying Finger-Wagging Story

    An annoying habit of mainstream journalism is its tendency to finger-wag and hit you in the face with a we-know-better story. The mother of all finger-waggers showed up on the front page of The News & Observer of Raleigh on Oct. 24.