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  • Fair and Balanced? You Bet

    I worked in newsrooms for most of 30 years and I can say with confidence that I can count on one hand the conservatives I worked with during those years in mainstream news.

  • Boy Scout Magazine Going PC?

    I’m never surprised to be hit in the face each morning with multicultural, victimization, support-group style reporting in my local papers. That’s the bread and butter of the mainstream media these days.

  • The Platformate Style of Reporting

    In my first journalism course in 1971 we were given an example of what makes journalism superior to advertising. It involved a Shell Oil commercial that ran in the late-‘60s and early-’70s touting an additive called Platformate.

  • Like dealing with 6-year-olds

    In the movie “The Three Amigos” Steve Martin’s character becomes exasperated with Chevy Chase’s character at one point and says, “It’s like dealing with a six-year-old.” That’s likely to be Tony Snow’s reaction when he has to start dealing with the White House Press Gaggle every day.

  • White House Press Corps Exposed

    Members of the elite White House press corps this week have acted more like animals that have been kept in captivity for so long that they can’t find news unless it is forced down their open gullets at a daily press briefing.

  • French and Germans Leading Fight? Wha..?

    RALEIGH — Now for something completely different: The French and the Germans are leading a charge against Islamo-Fascism. No, I’m not talking about their heads of state or their military. I’m talking about their journalists.

  • Imagine MNF Being Covered Like Iraq

    RALEIGH — Watching Monday Night Football the other night, it occurred to me that if one imagined the mainstream media covering that game the way they cover the war in Iraq (or the economy), the absurdity of their reporting would be plain for all to see.