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  • Journalism Shouldn’t Undermine Democracy

    The role of journalism in a democratic society is to inform the public to make sound decisions and, thereby, lead to the preservation of democracy. By inference, then, journalism’s role should include exposing those who try to destroy the legitimacy of institutions in that society. In this latter role they…

  • Religion Reporters Just Don’t Get It

    Most religion reporters are a lot like religion professors. They really don’t seem to like religion or religious people, and their approach to the subject is usually from a left-multicultural mindset. Recent research has shown that among the most left-wing disciplines at universities is Religious Studies. Reporters, for their part,…

  • Media Employ Clinton-Like Parsing

    There’s a phenomenon we’ve witnessed countless times since about 1994, when the Republican ascendancy could no longer be denied by Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media.

  • The Story That Never Was

    I was driving in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania last summer when I heard the news on WABC, the New York radio station. Samuel R. (Sandy) Berger, John Kerry’s top foreign policy adviser and national security advisor to Bill Clinton, had been caught stealing documents from the National Archives.

  • Media, Not Bush, Nuance-Challenged

    In the 1971 Raquel Welch western “Hannie Caulder” there’s a scene in which Ernest Borgnine and Jack Elam tell Strother Martin that he “lied” when he told them there would be no shotgun guard on a stagecoach they were trying to rob. “That wasn’t a lie. That was a mistake,”…

  • Why Mainstream Media Losing Credibility

    It’s no wonder the public’s confidence in the mainstream media is at an historic low, especially among that part of the public that also reads blogs. A story in Monday’s News & Observer of Raleigh is a good example of why this decline is occurring.