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  • Promoting health care freedom by ending the CON

    North Carolina’s outdated certificate-of-need law leads medical providers to fight for a government permission slip to add new medical facilities or major equipment. Becki Gray, the John Locke Foundation’s vice president for outreach, discusses a current CON dispute involving a new dental surgery center. North Carolina policymakers could get a…

  • NC School-Choice Movement Celebrates Achievements

    Lindalyn Kakadelis on school-choice achievements; Lee Roberts on NC budget trends; legislators on problems with NCFlex insurance plans; NC Courts Commission on oversight of magistrates; Rick Henderson on Libertarian footprint on NC ballot…

  • Transforming N.C. By Reforming Tax Rates & Rules

    Roy Cordato on NC's historic tax reform; John Taylor on key principles that lead to growth; Jeff Tarte on opposition to I-77 toll lanes; Brenda Berg on BEST NC's work to improve public schools; Lindalyn Kakadelis on NC's virtual learning options…

  • Judge: Election Reforms Will Be Enforced In Nov.

    Rick Henderson on judge's election reform ruling; Lindalyn Kakadelis on concern over AP U.S. history class; Tom Apodaca on coal ash; Bartley Danielsen on environmental benefits of school choice; Roy Cordato on N.C. Aquarium's climate change alarmism…

  • Why All Income Groups Benefit From N.C. Tax Reform

    Roy Cordato on who benefits from N.C. tax reform; UNC official on connecting chancellor evaluations to operational efficiency; legislators on Common Core & testing; Lindalyn Kakadelis on parent reaction to K-12 changes; Troy Kickler on Edenton's history…

  • Few states set world-class standards

    STANFORD, CA — In this report produced by the Hoover Institute, 2007 test-score information is used to evaluate the rigor of each state’s proficiency standards against the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). NC's overall average: D+.

  • Education Tax Credits in North Carolina

    RALEIGH – New education tax credits would help more North Carolina parents choose the best schools for their children, while potentially saving the state millions of dollars each year. That’s a key conclusion of a new N.C. Education Alliance Policy Report by Krista Kafer.

  • UNC Education Schools

    RALEIGH — The University of North Carolina is placing great emphasis on increasing the number of teachers in the state. But how good is the education that these future teachers are receiving? This paper looks at a major problem found in schools of education.