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  • CO2 Alarmists Bankroll CCS

    RALEIGH — The Center for Climate Strategies, which is using funds from foundations that promote carbon-dioxide constraints because of global-warming fears, is influencing government climate-change policy in several states, including North Carolina.

  • CAPAG Funding, Backing Questioned

    RALEIGH — A Division of Air Quality project that seeks to limit carbon dioxide emissions in North Carolina is funded mostly by environmental foundations that predict dire consequences if government does nothing to stop the global warming of the Earth.

  • Pa. Group Guides NC CO2 Panel

    RALEIGH — A nonprofit environmental advocacy group, which staunchly believes global warming must be reduced through reductions in human-caused carbon dioxide emissions, controls another nonprofit organization that advises a climate action panel started by the N.C. Division of Air Quality. The DAQ-created group, in turn, makes recommendations on carbon-dioxide reductions…

  • Shuler Targeted Over Union Bill

    RALEIGH — U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina has been targeted by a radio advertisement campaign because of his support of a bill that would simplify the process in which workers could indicate their desire to unionize, but pro-business opponents of the measure say the changes would leave other…

  • Did SC Get a Better Google Deal?

    RALEIGH — Web search engine company Google officially announced yesterday it would build a $600-million data center near Charleston, S.C., which would represent a similar investment to one announced earlier this year in Lenoir, N.C., in Caldwell County.

  • Fate of Eminent Domain Bill Unclear

    RALEIGH — Eighty percent of the members of the N.C. House are cosponsors of a bill that would allow a public vote on a constitutional amendment limiting the powers of governments to seize private property, but that doesn’t mean it will ever come up for a vote.

  • Federal Pork Spending Plummets

    RALEIGH — No teapot museums. No wood utilization research. No visitor's center on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Instead, this year pork-barrel spending was dramatically reduced compared to recent years.

  • NC Democrats Back Union Card Check

    RALEIGH — The U.S. House on Thursday passed a bill that would simplify the process in which workers could indicate their desire to unionize, but opponents of the measure say the changes would leave other employees vulnerable to pro-union intimidation tactics.

  • 9 Senators: Keep Black’s Promise

    RALEIGH — Nine state senators want to fulfill a promise made by former House Speaker Jim Black, who in 2002 made a "personal commitment" to give Johnson & Wales University $10 million in state money in exchange for relocating a campus in Charlotte.

  • Sheriff Details Illegals Arrests

    RALEIGH — Mecklenburg County Sheriff Jim Pendergraph yesterday said a federal enforcement program has enabled his department to deport 860 illegal immigrants.