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  • Faison: Black’s Incidental Defender

    RALEIGH — Democrat Bill Faison, the only state representative from Orange County who's not from Chapel Hill, says he does not consider himself an intentional defender of House Speaker Jim Black, who is the subject of a federal investigation into his relationship with former political and legislative aide, and lobbyist,…

  • Black Foe Explains Web Site

    RALEIGH — Joe Sinsheimer, a former Democratic political consultant who a few weeks ago started a website calling for the resignation of N.C. House Speaker Jim Black, says he did so because his disgust with continuous revelations of unethical conduct reached a boiling point.

  • Partnership Head Helps Himself

    RALEIGH — A deal arranged by North Carolina's Northeast Partnership president Rick Watson to work with country musician Randy Parton is not the first case in which Watson has tried to become involved with a company that his public agency is trying to help. Watson, who leads many variations of…

  • Bills Seek to Protect ‘Work Product’

    RALEIGH — A decision last year by a North Carolina appeals court judge preventing government lawyers from concealing much of their work prompted legislators to approve a new law this year that overrides that verdict. But government lobbyists didn’t stop there. They introduced bills that would have allowed state and…

  • UC Member Subject of Write-in

    RALEIGH — A recently reappointed member of the North Carolina Utilities Commission is the subject of a write-in mayoral campaign, even though he says he's not a candidate. But R.V. "Bobby" Owens, Jr. has said publicly that should he win the election on Tuesday, he will accept the office.

  • Burr Votes to Redirect ‘Pork’

    RALEIGH — U.S. Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina joined a small number of his colleagues last week to vote for the transfer of $125 million in federal spending, which was originally intended for a limited-interest project in Alaska, in favor of rebuilding a bridge near New Orleans, La.

  • Developer Questions State Incentives

    RALEIGH — In a case of swimming against a tsunami of opinion among his professional peers, the leader of a state economic development agency has announced his support for the elimination of certain targeted tax breaks for individual businesses.

  • Critics: Climate Panel Not Balanced

    RALEIGH — A commission to study the effects of global climate change, established by the General Assembly this year, could be constituted to arrive at a foregone conclusion because of its makeup, some critics say. Environmental groups, which have constantly issued dire threats about the dangers of global warming, are…

  • Coble, Myrick Are “Taxpayer Heroes”

    RALEIGH — The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste released its annual grades of congressmen in September, and rated two North Carolina representatives as “taxpayer heroes” for their voting records against wasteful spending and in favor of tax cuts. Rep. Howard Coble, R-6th and Rep. Sue Myrick, R-9th, were among…

  • Ordinance Spat a Real Barn Burner

    RALEIGH — A restaurant owner in Wilson who violated state and local sign ordinance laws decided to burn down the barn on which his establishment was advertised. The sign for Bill Ellis Barbecue, named for its owner, was plastered on the side of a barn he owned that was within…