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  • Lawsuit challenging N.C. redistricting process thrown out

    A Wake County Superior Court Judge dismissed a lawsuit Tuesday that was filed against the state’s election redistricting process. The suit alleged that the General Assembly violated previous court precedents governing how election maps should be drawn. Judge Graham Shirley dismissed the suit, stressing that the ruling was not…

  • U.S. Supreme Court to hear N.C. voter ID case

    The U.S. Supreme Court said Wednesday, Nov. 24, that it will hear a case early next year involving North Carolina’s voter ID law. At issue is whether state legislative leaders are allowed to intervene in the case to defend the law. A U.S. District judge blocked the law in 2019.

  • East Laurinburg’s town books impounded by Local Government Commission

    The Town of East Laurinburg’s charter hangs in the balance as the Local Government Commission recently voted unanimously to impound the town’s books and assume full control of its finances due to misappropriation of funds. It comes after an investigative report in October by State Auditor Beth Wood’s office.

  • Legislators raise questions about speed, accuracy of HOPE Program

    Lawmakers are asking big questions about the state program that puts federal dollars into the hands of renters facing eviction during the pandemic.  At the Government Operations hearing on Wednesday, Nov. 17, members dug into the practices and policies of the Housing Opportunities and Prevention of Evictions Program, or HOPE.

  • How inflation may gobble up Thanksgiving budgets

    As we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, many of us will give thanks for the chance to spend time with family and friends, and for the indulgent meal. But inflation will take the first bite, making Thanksgiving 2021 the most expensive in history. Many factors are in play, including supply…

  • Update: Cooper signs first budget as governor

    Updated with news of the governor signing the budget, Senate Bill 105, 2021 Appropriations Act, into law.  Gov. Roy Cooper on Thursday, Nov. 18, signed the $25.9 billion budget plan into law. It’s the first budget from the General Assembly that Cooper has signed since taking office in 2017.

  • Governor says he’ll sign $25.9 billion budget, a first for Cooper

    Gov. Roy Cooper says he will sign the first budget from the General Assembly since he took office in 2017. The announcement came in a news conference Tuesday, Nov. 16, and before the first vote from the Senate on Tuesday afternoon. The General Assembly released the $25.9 billion…

  • General Assembly releases N.C. budget plan, including input from Cooper

    The N.C. General Assembly is expected to being voting Tuesday on the newly-released 2021-23 conference budget. The 2021-22 budget plan, out on Monday,  represents a 4.3% increase over the previous plan with $25.9 billion slated to be spent. The fiscal 2022-23 portion of the biennial plan is $27 billion, and…

  • Virginia’s Sears and N.C.’s Robinson share the American dream

    Social media is buzzing about Virginia’s Republican Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears. Her story bears a striking resemblance to North Carolina’s Republican N.C. Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. Sears became the first woman and woman of color to be elected to that office in the state’s history on Tuesday,…