Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 25, Number 6 – June 2016

On the cover

• Big business rakes in renewable tax credits

• Top GOP condemns Obama’s bathroom edict


North Carolina

• House budget directs Dix funds to rural hospitals, Page 2

• Treasurer wants to put more pension funds in real estate, Page 3

• DHHS faces fines for child welfare standards noncompliance, Page 4

• N.C. residents decry lack of info about Syrian refugees, Page 5

• N.C. experts leery of Trump’s effect on down-ballot races, Page 6

• N.C. one of many states reviewing occupational licensing, Page 7

• Judge dismisses State Bar complaint involving Roy Cooper, Page 8

• Auditor: State IT systems vulnerable to security breaches, Page 8



• Experts: 13th Congressional District primary hard to predict, Page 9


Local Government

• Local regulations a rude awakening for Raleigh startup owner, Page 10

• Justices: Stripping of tenure infringed on contract rights, Page 11

• Michael Lowrey commentary: Rural North Carolina seeking answers, Page 11



• ‘Inaccurate’ transfer study could decrease college degrees, Page 14

• Legislation would shift bond money from higher ed to roads, Page 15

• Issues in Higher Education: If college students are hungry, should Uncle Sam feed them?, Page 16

• Terry Stoops commentary: Is U.S. education worth $675 billion?, Page 17

• George Leef commentary: Free speech and political correctness, Page 17



• Troy Kickler commentary: How North Carolina came to be shaped like it is today, Page 18

• Interview: Postrel: Trump selling ‘Trump America’ like a real estate deal, Page 19

• Editorial: Taking a sling blade to N.C. regulations, Page 20

• Becki Gray commentary: Keep tax reform on track, Page 20

• Editorial: Private sector growing, Page 21

• Editorial: Paying teachers, Page 21

• John Hood commentary: Road policies deserve attention, Page 21

• Media Mangle: Calling it both ways, Page 22

• Michael Walden commentary: Occupational churn, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: How Republicans might survive Trump, Page 23

• Marc Rotterman commentary: Hillary’s election would be Obama’s third term, Page 23


Parting Shot

• Perdue calls for cancellation of 2016 state, federal elections (a CJ parody), Page 24