Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 25, Number 12 – December 2016

On the cover

• Experts seek to avert future election chaos

• Council of State flips to Republican control


North Carolina

• Analysts: Cooper would have little leverage with NCGA, Page 2

• NCGA may fund schools based on number of students, Page 3

• Morgan win could shift N.C. Supreme Court to the left, Page 4

• Burr garners third term, U.S. House remains 10-3 GOP, Page 5

• Carson pitches market-oriented replacement for Obamacare, Page 6

• Van der Vaart: Trump likely to scrap excessive green regs, Page 7


Local government

• JLF: State alcohol laws stifle entrepreneurs, hurt consumers, Page 8

• Alcohol and bond measured fared well in local elections, Page 9

• Republicans extend majorities on N.C. county commissions, Page 10

• Michael Lowrey commentary: Unbelievable economic impacts, Page 10

• Legislature may allow cities to expand municipal broadband, Page 15



• Spellings discusses challenges after first year, Page 12

• Issues in Higher Education: UNC leaders should monitor underperforming degree programs, Page 16

• Stephanie Keaveney commentary: New college rankings challenge status quo, Page 17

• Terry Stoops commentary: Radical changes unlikely under new superintendent, Page 17



• Troy Kickler commentary: Ashley Smith exemplified 19th-century black entrepreneurship, Page 18

• Interview: Lincicome: Political climate for free trade worst in several decades, Page 19

• Editorial: ‘Court-packing’ fact check, Page 20

• Roy Cordato commentary: An accurate picture of the minimum wage debate, Page 20

• Editorial: States keep control, Page 21

• Editorial: New voice for students, Page 21

• John Hood commentary: Voters send clear tax message, Page 21

• Media Mangle: Use discerning eye consuming media, Page 22

• Michael Walden commentary: Slow growth and demographics, Page 22

• Andy Taylor: New president will be expected to deliver change, Page 23

• Becki Gray commentary: Trump shined light on murky federal government, Page 23


Parting Shot

• Radical overhaul proposed for Council of State races (a CJ parody), Page 24