Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 26, Number 2 – February 2017

On the cover

• State may turn Mattamuskeet Lodge over to private party

• NCGA returns, seeking areas of agreement


North Carolina

• Opening day at the General Assembly, 2017, Page 2

• Future of Medicaid expansion out of Congress’ hands, Page 3

• Legislature in other states typically confirm Cabinet appointments, Page 4

• NCGA elections in 2017 ‘almost certainly off the table,’ insiders say, Page 5

• General Assembly leaders want Amazon Wind Farm shut down, Page 6

• Court halts shift of power from state board to DPI, Page 7

• Cooper, NCGA will butt heads over Opportunity Scholarships, Page 8

• A crazy December at the General Assembly, Page 14


Local government

• Map Act victims wary of Cooper’s transportation pick, Page 9

• Julie Tisdale commentary: Convention center must stand on its own, Page 10

• Katherine Restrepo commentary: State-level deregulation can replace Obamacare, Page 10

• Mitch Kokai commentary: Legislators’ rainy day fund a smart fiscal move, Page 11



• Issues in Higher Education: In N.C., community college controversies open Pandora’s box, Page 16

• George Leef commentary: Students’ First Amendment rights at issue, Page 17

• Kristen Blair commentary: Federal education policy gets an overhaul, Page 17



• John Trump commentary: N.C. taxpayers getting a taste of distillery business, Page 18

• Interview: Justices say American government requires good civics education, Page 19

• Becki Gray commentary: Can lawmakers find common ground?, Page 20

• Editorial: A tale of two recoveries, Page 20

• Editorial: State court spotlight, Page 21

• Editorial: Local abuses, Page 21

• John Hood commentary: North Carolina is no Cuba, Page 21

• John Trump commentary: Can Cooper be a leader?, Page 22

• Michael Walden commentary: Solving an economic mystery, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: Reynolds’ democracy fails on myriad points, Page 23

• Mitch Kokai commentary: Prepare for the ‘cuts,’ Page 23


Parting Shot

• UNC study leads to cancellation of football programs (a CJ parody), Page 24