Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 26, Number 11 – November 2017

On the cover

• A dying industry?

• Massive solar project approved after relocation



• Quick Takes, Pages 2 and 3

• Apple clean energy project fined for environmental violations, Page 4

• Tillis-sponsored bill would ease barriers to marijuana research, Page 5

• Children’s Business Fair lets young entrepreneurs shine, Page 6

• The increasing politicization of green energy, Page 8

• Transparent, affordable schools win, professor says, Page 9

• Education debates: More questions than ever, Page 10

• Charts and Graphs, Page 24



• Jonathan Kappler now leads N.C. FreeEnterprise Foundation, Page 18

• Van Hipp: U.S. faces multiple interlocking threats to national security, public safety, Page 19



• Julie Tisdale commentary: Promote local and organic, Page 14

• Mitch Kokai commentary: More 4-3 decisions, no consistent partisan splits in N.C. Supreme Court, Page 15

• Shannon Watkins commentary: Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, except college students, Page 16

• Jason Fertig commentary: Addicting students to distraction, Page 17

• Terry Stoops commentary: N.C. meeting educational needs of military families, Page 17

• Editorial: Cooper picks unwise political fights, Page 20

• Becki Gray commentary: Skepticism is healthy, but political posturing is not, Page 20

• John Trump commentary: Newspapers, in some form, must be saved, but how?, Page 22

• Michael Walden commentary: Winners remorse? Should North Carolina want Amazon?, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: Rejecting the values that made this country great, Page 23

• Marc Rotterman commentary: Tillis makes great opening bid on illegal immigration reform, Page 23


John Hood commentary

• Median household income shoots up, Page 21

• Reforming health care is critical, Page 21

• Property rights have economic payoff, Page 21