Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 26, Number 6 – June 2017

On the cover

• Residents worry about solar’s environmental impact

• N.C. State soil scientist say solar plants may threaten farm ecosystem



• Quick Takes, Page 2

• House will modify Senate’s education budget, Horn says, Page 3

• N.C. closer to joining all other states in ‘raising the age,’ Page 4

• Senate budget gives certificate of need the (eventual) ax, Page 5

• Former economic developer of Randolph megasite takes own life, Page 6

• Timeline: Craft beer in North Carolina, Page 8

• Craft breweries make constitutional challenge to beer distribution laws, Page 10



• Mark Martin: Chief justice speaks about ‘raise-the-age,’ Page 18

• Randy Barnett: Fundamental constitutional conflicts driving political debates of today, Page 19


Opinion and Commentary

• John Trump: Beer geeks upset with Wicked Weed should calm down and order something else, Page 11

• Julie Tisdale: High Point swinging at wild pitches in misguided stadium plan, Page 14

• Mitch Kokai: Former ambassador hopes his family’s story bolsters fight against terrorism, Page 15

• Shannon Watkins: Graphic novels are trending in English departments, and that’s a problem, Page 16

• Kristen Blair: Summer reading: It schools the mind, Page 17

• Alex Contarino: Apprenticeship program offers big potential at small cost, Page 17

• John Trump: Should lawmakers get behind bill targeting slow-poke drivers?, Page 20

• John Hood: Average pay isn’t the point, Page 21

• Michael Walden: What determines county jobless rates?, Page 22

• Andy Taylor: Seeking protection, rather than competition, Page 23

• Becki Gray: Good government build on honesty, openness, transparency, Page 23



• Welcome to the new-look Carolina Journal, Page 20

• Both parties have age barriers, Page 21

• North Carolina should raise age, Page 21


CJ Parody

• Solar farms, vineyards entwine to promote agritourism, Page 24