Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 27, Number 1 – January 2018

On the cover

• Pipe dreams: Opponents, proponents of Atlantic Coast Pipeline vying for governor’s blessing



• Quick Takes, Pages 2-5

• Are state agencies waiting to disclose data breaches?, Page 6

• Hammocks Beach saga ending with announcement of park plan, Page 7

• Lawmakers, DHHS officials have former Cardinal execs in cross hairs, Page 8

• Tax Foundation: Typical N.C. family gains nearly $600 from tax reform, Page 8

• Green wave, Page 10

• Polls, Page 24



• Garland Tucker and Jon Pritchett commentary: Only one generation away, Page 9

• Julie Tisdale commentary: North Carolina has the makings of a luxury brand, Page 14

• Mitch Kokai commentary: High court ends year with no sign of Democratic versus Republican bloc, Page 15

• Joseph Warta commentary: Dual enrollment: A head start on college or empty credentialing?, Page 16

• Kristen Blair commentary: Grades, not tests, are the bellwether for college success, Page 17

• Jay Schalin and Shannon Watkins commentary: Standing athwart social justice protests, Page 17

• Editorial: The trickle is in fact a river, Page 20

• Becki Gray commentary: Licensing regulations get in the way of putting people to work, Page 20

• John Trump commentary: Charter schools: If only more parents realized they have a choice, Page 22

• Michael Walden commentary: Can good behavior sometimes cost you more?, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: N.C. State making little effort to promote viewpoint heterogeneity, Page 23

• Marc Rotterman commentary: We’ll be seeing lots of 2020 Democratic hopefuls in N.C., Page 23



• Bryan Riley: Trade plays critical role in N.C. economy, Page 18

• Dale Folwell: State treasurer takes about career, future, Page 19


Commentary by John Hood

• Revenue trend doesn’t merit panic, Page 21

• Transit will waste tax dollars, Page 21

• Parents county when judging schools, Page 21