Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 27, Number 10 – October 2018

On the cover

• Storm surge: North Carolina still dealing with Hurricane Matthew as Florence strikes (continued on Pages 7 – 13)



• Quick Takes, Pages 2 -6

• Governor changes regulations during Florence; are they needed during normal times?, Page 7

• State elections board stepping in to help counties hit by Florence, Page 8

• Massive storms test state and federal insurance plans, Page 8

• Cost to rebuild will swell amid tariffs, trade war, Page 9

• Lawmakers offer different takes about storm’s effect on hog lagoons, Page 10

• Florence revealed need for better community college emergency planning, Hans says, Page 11

• Hurricane Matthew timeline, Page 13

• Polls, Page 24



• Phillip Magness: School voucher history more complicated than critics will admit, Page 18

• Catherine Truitt: Western Governors offers college students online alternative, Page 19



• Terry Stoops commentary: Overcoming the soft bigotry of low expectations for black males, Page 14

• Mitch Kokai commentary: Tax cut numbers need proper context, Page 15

• Jenna Robinson commentary: Can more information help students avoid college debt?, Page 16

• Kristen Blair commentary: Stress test: Ways to win after academic failure, Page 17

• George Leef commentary: Universities and the ‘coddling’ of the American mind, Page 17

• Editorial: Recent polls offer conflicting signals on likely voters, Page 20

• Michael Walden commentary: The elixir of economic growth, Page 22

• John Trump commentary: The politicians will leave, but the strong people of N.C. will remain to rebuild, recover, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: Trump-Steyer contest a microcosm of American politics, Page 23

• Becki Gray commentary: After the storm: N.C. a model for the rest of the country, Page 23


Commentary by John Hood

• State won’t retreat on school choice, Page 21

• Are taxes fair in North Carolina?,  Page 21

• Attacking competition will ultimately fail, Page 21