Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 27, Number 7 – July 2018

On the cover

• All secure

• Lobbyists, reporters say new security measures hurt ability to do their jobs



• Quick Takes, Pages 2 and 3

• Farmers about the feel the crunch of retaliatory tariffs, Page 4

• Last-minute shenanigans mark end of 2018 legislative short session, Page 5

• Cooper sets record for vetoes in legislative term, but few stick, Page 6

• Ballots will have amendments, not just candidates, in November, Page 7

• Keeping score: What passed, what didn’t, Page 8

• Affadavit: Distributor ‘demands’ exoibitant sum to release brewer, a Marine Corps vet, from contract, Page 10

• Utah open-carry law raises questions, Page 12

• Service with a smile, Page 13

• Polls, Page 24



• Peter Boettke: Free trade faces ongoing attacks from left, right, Page 18

• Brian Jodice: School choice advocate touts new academic voucher study, Page 19



• Terry Stoops commentary: Scholarship program is a worthwhile investment, Page 14

• Mitch Kokai commentary: Cooper, not lawmakers, divides N.C. taxpayers by income, Page 15

• Jenna A. Robinson commentary: A chance at reform with congressional higher ed bill, Page 16

• Kristen Blair commentary: What trends miss about teens and technology, Page 17

• Peter Wood commentary: Are North Carolina universities biased?, Page 17

• Editorial: Conservatives should use ACA mandate’s demise to push for high-risk pools, Page 20

• John Trump commentary: Brewers’ battle with state, distributors really just beginning, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: Relating teacher pay to teacher performance, Page 23

• Becki Gray commentary: Note to lawmakers: Don’t mess things up, Page 23


Commentary by John Hood

• Why are you reading this?, Page 21

• Courts can’t resolve every dispute, Page 21

• State budgets win fiscal race, Page 21