Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 28, Number 1 – January 2019

On the cover

• N.C. General Assembly: Inching toward the finish



• Quick Takes, Pages 2-5

• 9th District remains in limbo as investigation into voter fraud continues, Page 6

• What to do about Silent Sam?, Page 7

• Voter ID: Where are we now?, Page 8

• Court fights over voter ID begin, Page 8

• Back to the beginning with elections, ethics board fight, Page 9

• Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Who is Doug?, Page 10

• NCGA pipeline panel hires investigators, gets records request from Cooper, Page 11

• 4th Circuit panel revokes Atlantic Coast Pipeline permit, Page 12

• Spellings’ exit leaves Roper to pick up the pieces, Page 13

• Polls, Page 24



• Robert Chatfield: Network uses video productions to tout free markets’ benefits, Page 18

• David French: Free speech faces strong cultural challenge in America today, Page 19



• Terry Stoops commentary: Listening to voters and politicians talk about education spending, Page 14

• Mitch Kokai commentary: Headline reminds us about critical difference between charter, district schools, Page 15

• Shannon Watkins commentary: A unique opportunity for athletics reform, Page 16

• Kristen Blair commentary: Solving the trust problem between teachers and parents, Page 17

• Philip Magness commentary: What the hoax papers tell us about the decline of academic standards, Page 17

• Becki Gray commentary: One way to draw the maps: Just follow the rules, Page 20

• Editorial: Incentives’ sway didn’t keep Apple away, Page 20

• John Trump commentary: N.C. spends two years squabbling over board, only to finish where it began, Page 22

• Michael Walden commentary: What the NFL can teach us about business, Page 22

• Marc Rotterman commentary: George H.W. Bush: patriot, statesman, president. RIP, Page 23

• Andy Taylor commentary: For America, it’s closer to morning than midnight, Page 23


Commentary by John Hood

• It’s not about urban versus rural, Page 21

• Take time to broaden the mind, Page 21

• Redistributing income isn’t investment, Page 21